Thursday 15 October 2020

Home Repairs with Safety in Mind


The pandemic has challenged all of us.   Early in the pandemic we were all “Staying Home to Stay Safe”.  This was difficult but essential to keep our communities and our families healthy.   

We spent a lot of time indoors and noticed the “fix it” jobs that need to be completed.   After many months, the virus is still putting our families at risk…. please remember that as we start working on remodeling or repair projects in our homes:

Maintain social distancing even around construction workers that we bring into our homes.

Request that workers use masks, protective foot wear and use hand sanitizers

Make sure before starting a project that you have all necessary materials as supply chains have been strained and are limited at this time.

One of the benefits of using our dumpster service during this time… is that we can deliver and remove the dumpster with limited contact.

We wish you and your family the best of health.

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