Wednesday 17 June 2020


Paint is one thing you can do to your home that can change the look and feel quickly and inexpensively. If you are selling your home painting should be a top to-do to get your house market ready.

When considering paint colors it's best to stick to neutral colors. Try to avoid painting every room a different color or if you want to personalize each room pick complimentary colors throughout the whole house. Places you can be bold with your color choices are family rooms or theater rooms. Dark colors can help make a media room feel more relaxed. Dark navy is a favorite choice of home buyers for family and media rooms. Grey's, white's and beige's seem to fit most decor so it's an easy paint to change up the look of the room without always having to paint over a color that was made to match a specific theme.

One area to always keep freshly painted is the outside of the home. Doors, door frames, window moldings, and other areas that currently painted.

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