Wednesday 9 January 2019

Resolutions made easy

Each year I set goals and for many years those goals quickly were long forgotten. Making changes can be so daunting. I finally found some success when I decided to start small. I pick one easy to accomplish goal, once I have finished that I feel motivated to keep going.

My favorite place to start is by organizing my house and getting rid of clutter. If you have kids you know how much clutter they can collect. I start my clean up by grabbing some boxes and getting rid of toys and clothes.

I clean and organize every drawer and closet in the house. The best way to keep a clutter free house is to make sure you go through all your decorations and stores items and make sure you are keeping them around for the right reasons.

A clean clutter free home is the best way to make sure you have a clear mind to tackle all your goals for the next year!

Call us if you need help hauling off any clutter.

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