Friday 5 October 2018

Halloween Family Tradition

Halloween is my favorite time of the year, the cool weather, changing leaves, and the fun of Halloween decorating.
Every year my family and I create our own Halloween decorations. We make sure we keep it simple and under $5 for each project. The kids love coming up with ideas and making the decorations by hand.
Here is a list of the projects we have loved doing most.

SPECIMEN JARS: Glass jars filled with creepy objects and colored water.
GRAVEYARD: Headstones cut from Styrofoam and spray painted with fun names written on them.
APOTHECARY JARS: Decorative glass jars filled with fall themed candy.
GHOSTS: White sheet cut into squares, yard balls, fishing line and you're set for a yard full of ghosts.

Have fun coming up with your own decoration ideas and making this a spooky and memorable Halloween. Stay safe and Enjoy!

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