Thursday 9 August 2018

Popular home remodeling trends

This short list is the top home remodeling trends for 2018.

White out: An all white decor is a huge trend right now. Flooring, furniture, accessories, and walls, every hue of white is being utilized in this decorating trend. People love the clean lines, bright look and open feeling it gives their homes.

Open shelving for the kitchen: Having an open shelving unit is becoming more popular. Homeowners love the look of this shelf. Just remember there will be no cupboard door to hide those mismatched dishes and over crowded spice cabinet.

Rooftop living: Rooftop patios are a big hit in large cities and top of apartments and skyscrapers. Residential homeowners have been enjoying using their rooftop space as well.

Smart home: These days you can do just about anything on your phone. Now you can control most of your house from your phone as well. Adjust temperature, lights, security systems, coffee pots and anything else you can imagine.

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