Thursday 26 April 2018

Garden Planning

Earth Day has come and gone and now is the time of year most people start thinking about planting gardens and making their yards a beautiful to enjoy the warm summer months ahead.  Taking the time to plan before you start will make for a smoother process. Below is a list of things to consider and plan for before you start your yard project.

1 1-      What type of garden/plants/or trees will you be planting? When deciding what to type you need to take into what type of soil you have, how much water and sun is needed and what the landscape of your yard is. Basically, you want to make sure you are getting plants that will survive and thrive in your yard.

2 2-      How much sun does each section of your get? You can do this by planning to spend some time outside. Grab some ice-cold water, a pencil and piece of paper. Sketch your yard and write down what parts of your yard get full sun, part sun, and shade and the lengths of time each has light. This will really help you to pick out plants that are made for the type of light each section gets.

3 3-      Does the section you are planting in get plenty of water. Some areas will get plenty of water from your existing sprinkler, or you may need to tap into your sprinkler system to add an area. However, make sure you know how much each plant needs, some plants are drought tolerant while others need regular watering.

4 4-      If you have kids or pets that like to put things in their mouths make sure you read up on which plants are toxic and avoid those plants. The best place to check for information on toxic plants is with your local city agriculture depart.

5 5-      What kind of soil do you have? Some areas have soil a good mix of clay, sand or silt but others may have more of one which you need to check for, so you can prep the soil accordingly.

Now you have all the information you need to create a beautiful outdoor area that you and your family are sure to enjoy. If you need help hauling off the yard waste be sure to give us call and we can help pick a dumpster that is right for you.

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