Friday 10 February 2017


We can help with your spring cleaning projects by providing the perfect size dumpster for your disposal needs.  Many people call and say they are not quite sure what size bin to use for their project.  If you click the Order Tab on this website, there are pictures, dimensions and examples of the size of bin required for various projects.

One of the first places many people “attack” is the garage.  Martha Stewart has the most amazing ideas to simplify our lives.  Many of her ideas utilize items that are inexpensive and many times we have sitting around the house. 

While looking for ways to organize our garage I came across one of her articles titled, “Garage and Shed Organizing Ideas”.   She has listed information about storing sports equipment, garden tools, organizing the trunk of your car,  setting up a recycle center, using crates to make cabinets, pegboards to organize tools,  a list of basic hand-tools to keep in a ready to use container that will help you complete the most common chores around the house, how to get outdoor furniture and patios ready for the season and much more.  The link to her article is listed below.  Hope you find it useful, let me know if you use some of her ideas.

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